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DARSWiki Conventions

This article will be updated on a regular basis. Updates may be required in response to updates to DARS or changes to business processes or errors. Last update: 23/10/2021-13:30 (UTC)

Please think twice before printing this article. If a printed copy is necessary, ensure it is printed double-sided and always recycle old versions.

The conventions and icons used in all DARSWiki articles are described below:


Indicates additional useful information.


Indicates an important piece of information, take particular care to read the information in these boxes.


Indicates window, tab, form, page and dialog box titles.

Bold Text

Indicates menu names, field names and button/link labels.


Keys on the keyboard are indicated in bold in square brackets [ ].

File > Open

Moves through a navigation path are indicated with a >. In this case you would click on the File menu, then select Open

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