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Counties, Provinces or States can be added for a number of different countries. It was previously deemed pertinent to develop common standards within DARS to ensure consistent usage of the data, even if there were not universal definitions in existence for that country. Preferred lists of UK counties to use on DARS were therefore previously provided within this article. Since the Post Office no longer use counties for address purposes, these lists have now been removed.

DARS Support Centre Position on UK Counties

    1. The UK Post Office no longer uses counties for address purposes. Please see www.royalmail.com/personal/help-and-support/find-a-postcode/counties for further information.

    2. Due to the fact that there have been different UK county systems in place over the past 50 years, DARS has codes for overlapping counties. Users are free to use any of the available codes if they wish, but the DARS Support Centre will not be adding new codes, nor removing any.

    3. DARS mapping functionality may help with some questions which are geographically related.

    4. Guidance for running post code searches in DARS is provided in the section below.

DARS Support Centre Guidance on Post Code Searches

Within DARS, you may wish extract a list of constituents, alumni for example, who reside within a particular area of the UK. Due to the points made in the previous section, searching for UK constituents by location/area will be more reliably performed based on a constituent's address post code (as compared with a county-based search).

To search for constituents by postcode:

  • Refer to a post code map, such as that available from the following link, to ascertain the post code areas you are interested in.
    • Note that London postcodes are further divided. You may need to refer to a more detailed post code map of the London area (example shown below) if searching for constituents by post code within the London area

"Example post code map showing the various post code divisions within the London area.

  • Create a new query and use the Address (Primary)\Zip field as a query filter, as shown in the example below. Note the use of the ‘Begins with’ operator. Additional filters may be required such as 'Address (Primary)\Do not mail is equal to No'.

”Screenshot showing an example query which filters on Alumni whose post codes begin with specified letters.”

  • If desired, save your query as a Selection and tick to Show in the Query Designer. The example selection ‘DBAS-LIST-CHP-Postcode’, has this option ticked and therefore appears in the middle pane of filters under Constituent\Selections (below screenshot). You could continue to create many selections for different areas, e.g. London, Greater London, Oxford and Local Area. Those selections could then be used, repeatedly within other queries, as filters to select particular groups of constituents based on Address (Primary) location.

”Screenshot showing a selection available in the fields list within the Query Builder, to use as a constituent filter.”
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