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Dear Users,

Welcome to this month’s DARS Newsletter. Older newsletters can be found at https://www.darscentral.ox.ac.uk/newsletters, with newsletters since May 2015 held at http://darswiki.bsp.ox.ac.uk/index.php/DARS_Newsletters. And remember that you can contact the DARS Help Desk.

In this issue:

New DARS participant – Nuffield College
New BBIS websites
Investing in analytics
Data Entry Assistants
Redirects reminder
Leavers process

DARS news and features

New DARS participant – Nuffield College

We are delighted to announce that on the 16 October, Nuffield College became the 23rd college and the 54th participant to join DARS.

New BBIS websites

In the month of October, two BBIS websites have been launched, for the Department of Computer Science and Oxford Medical Alumni. They can be found at https://www.alumniweb.ox.ac.uk/cs/  and https://www.alumniweb.ox.ac.uk/oxford-medical-alumni/.

Investing in analytics

The DARS Support Centre is taking a greater role in data analytics.  As a result, we are delighted to announce that Selina Jones, who has been a big champion of analytics for some time now, will join the DARS data team as Data Insight Officer, to begin developing this area. Selina will report to Chris Propper and have responsibility for the Data Reporting Officer. The Data Reporting Officer is a new role, which has just been filled by Anthony Williams, whom many of you know as he has been a Data Entry Assistant for a number of years.

At the same time, Thomas Wedge, whose level of knowledge of DARS is unsurpassed, has moved to the IT Software Solutions Team, where he will remain devoted to DARS and continue to be a member of the DARS Support Centre. As an Analyst Programmer he will work closely with IT colleagues to spread his DARS expertise further afield. There are several people waiting eagerly to pick Thomas’s brains.

Data Entry Assistants

As all good Annual Fund Managers know, it’s all about getting regular gifts.  Well, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve just taken our first regular DEA booking from Pembroke!  Thank you very much Pembroke and we look forward to expanding this scheme with other participants around the University.

We are currently taking bookings for Data Entry Assistants to help participants with their data entry requirements for January onwards.  So, why not book a Data Entry Assistant for one or more of the following tasks?

  • Process alumni update forms
  • Enter details from email communications into DARS
  • Assist with entering contact detail changes from telephone campaigns
  • Assist with entering new revenue into DARS
  • Update business details and create employment histories for your alumni
  • Clean up duplicate contact details
  • Tidy up education records
  • Extract information from profiles and update the relevant fields in DARS
  • Enter data into a constituent batch in order to bring in new constituents into DARS
  • Update group memberships and sports club memberships
  • Add alumni interests

DEAs are happy to help but they are trained to follow data entry best practice to ensure that the data quality on DARS improves rather than just getting through work quickly.  Charges may therefore be higher than you might wish, but it is paramount that we all continue to improve data quality.  DEAs can be booked for 10-20 hours per week for up to 50 hours at a time.  All you need to do is provide a desk and a PC suitable for data entry.  For more details, please visit: https://www.darscentral.ox.ac.uk/requestforms.


Redirects reminder

Several months ago, a number of changes were made to the central Alumni websites. In order to make that process as smooth as possible, we configured the websites so that anyone linking to the Data Protection statement using the old address (www.alumni.ox.ac.uk/data_protection) would be redirected to the new address (https://www.alumniweb.ox.ac.uk/oao/dataprotection). Please review any material such as email templates which you have that may contain references to the old address, and amend them so that they include the new address.

Leavers process

In order to be compliant with the recommendations of our auditors, if one of your staff members no longer needs access to DARS, your authoriser is responsible for informing the helpdesk by completing a UARF when the staff member leaves and sending it to the DARS helpdesk. Please send the form just to the DARS Helpdesk (dars@admin.ox.ac.uk). If you do not know who your authoriser is, a list can be found in the DARSWiki at http://darswiki.bsp.ox.ac.uk/index.php/Authorised_User_Access_Requestors.

If you need to notify other impersonal email addresses (such as UAS University Card) that an employee has left, please send a separate email to each address. Please do not send one email to several such addresses, since only one address will receive the email.

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