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Dear Users,

Welcome to this month’s DARS Newsletter. As usual, previous newsletters can be found at https://www.darscentral.ox.ac.uk/newsletters

And remember that you can also contact the DARS Help Desk

In this issue:

Populating DARS with data for current students
Alumni registration process on BBIS websites
New BBIS website
Data Protection Statement – important change to communications
Special Interest Groups
DARS workshops
DARS Staff changes
Investing in Data Quality
Reporting duplicates
Other Wiki articles
Ensuring you receive automatic notifications from FrontRange
New User Requests

Changes, enhancements and fixes

Populating DARS with data for current students

Last week we ran the first one-time feed from SITS into DARS, so that current student data is refreshed. Over the next few days, we will be upgrading the interface so that updates come from SITS to DARS on a daily basis. Further details about the interface will be sent to all DARS users in the next few days.

Alumni registration process on BBIS websites

As announced on 23 June, we have implemented a significant improvement to the alumni registration process, bringing the turnaround time between an alumnus requesting a BBIS account and receiving their login details down to under 1 hour.

This new registration process is currently implemented for all BBIS registrations that are handled through the Alumni Office – this represents the majority of College participants. However, if you have been set-up by the DARS Support Centre to handle your own registrations, please contact the DARS Help Desk and they will organize for your sign-up batch to be included in the improved process.

New BBIS website

On 11 June we launched a new DARS-based website for School of Geography and the Environment (SoGE).

You can access it directly here: https://www.alumniweb.ox.ac.uk/geog or through the SoGE website here: http://www.geog.ox.ac.uk/alumni/

A key part of the website was an online donation facility in the branding of the school, making for a more consistent user experience.

DARS news and features

Data Protection Statement – important change to communications

Following some recent changes to several DARS websites, the DARS Data Protection statement has a new URL. It used to be https://www.alumni.ox.ac.uk/data_protection and now it is http://www.alumniweb.ox.ac.uk/oao/dataprotection. The original link will continue to work for several months - since it redirects to the new link. However, we recommend that you review all your communications which include a link to the DARS Protection statement, and change the link to the new one as soon as possible.

We would also like to take the opportunity to remind you of the policies relating to communication; these, along with the required text, can be found on the DARSCentral website, in documents such as https://www.darscentral.ox.ac.uk/file/DPAbridged.pdf, and other documents on the page https://www.darscentral.ox.ac.uk/policies.

Special Interest Groups

We’re excited to announce that the first two of the DARS Special Interest Groups have been formed. These groups will be working with the DARS Support Centre to focus on Email Communications and Event Management and will be meeting on the 9th July and 23rd July respectively. If you would like to attend, please contact Christine Baro-Hone (Email Communications) or Paul Sweeten (Event Management).

DARS workshops

We still have places available on two of our DARS Workshops being held in July; End of Year Revenue Processes on 6th July and Prospect Management Best Practice on 30th July. If you would like to attend either, please contact darstraining@admin.ox.ac.uk.

DARS Staff changes

We are delighted to announce that Rosanah Holmes will be joining the team in August as a Functional Analyst in the DARS Functional and Helpdesk team. Rosanah joins us from the Financial Systems Support Centre.

Investing in Data Quality

As mentioned in the last newsletter, the Development Office provided an additional £20,000 to employ staff to assist with the huge task of merging currently identified duplicate records on DARS. The de-duping team have been busy these past few weeks and in total 5,323 duplicate records have now been merged, including all high confidence matches.  The de-duping project is due to run until the end of July.

Reporting duplicates

On the subject of duplicates constituents, thank you to everyone who has been busy identifying duplicates on DARS and reporting these to the Support Centre.   To help increase understanding of how the support centre merges records, we’ve produced a new policy document that explains what we look out for, what data is merged, etc.  It also explains the added precautions that we are taking when merging records of donors, especially when both are donors, since there are Gift Aid implications (and how reversing a wrongly merged record is extremely time-consuming and difficult when donations are involved). We’ve also slightly updated our requirements from you when reporting duplicate records.  The full policy can be read on the DARSWiki at http://darswiki.bsp.ox.ac.uk/index.php?title=Merging_Records.

Other Wiki articles

  1. New Wiki Articles:
    1. Staff Registration and Access to Oxford Alumni Online
    2. Malaysian Honours Titles
  2. Converted Wiki Articles:
    1. DARS Data Protection Abridged Wording for Communications
    2. Collecting Consents and Developing Email Lists on DARS
    3. Setting up a Merchant Account for DARS
    4. DARS Telethon Response Codes
    5. DARS Gift Policies
    6. DARS Constituency Codes
    7. Constituent, Relationship and Employment Types in DARS
    8. DARS Overview of Roles, Responsibilities and Data Access Protocols


Ensuring you receive automatic notifications from FrontRange

As notified in previous newsletters, the DARS Support Centre, along with most other Support Centres in the University, moved to a new system called FrontRange HEAT to manage calls to the helpdesk. To ensure that you receive emails related to service requests and incidents you raise, please add the email address notifications@it.ox.ac.uk to your ‘safe senders’ list. The detailed instructions for how to do this will vary depending on the software you use; for Outlook 2010, you need to do the following:

  1. On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Junk, and then click Junk E-mail Options.
  2. Select the ‘Safe Senders’ tab.
  3. On the ‘safe senders’ tab, click the ‘add’ button.
  4. Add the email address you want to add to the dialog box, and click Ok.
  5. Click OK again to get out of the dialog box.

New User Requests

When requesting DARS access for new users – and also changed access – please use the most current versions of the User Access Request Form, rather than a locally held copy of the form. From time to time the form changes – the current version of the form can be found on the DARSCentral website at https://www.darscentral.ox.ac.uk/useraccess.

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