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Author(s): Dan Keyworth, Head of DARS


This article will be updated on a regular basis. Updates may be required in response to updates to DARS or changes to business processes or errors.

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This document lists the hierarchy of Sites available; with those Sites which current Participants may store data against highlighted in peach.

Level 1

Parent Hierarchy (L1)
Collegiate University
Secure Sites
Strictly Anonymous Sites
Revenue Transfer

Level 1

Collegiate University (L2)
Central University

Level 3

Central University (L3)
Blavatnik School
Bodleian Libraries
Computer Science
Continuing Education
Council Secretariat
Earth Sciences
Engineering Science
Geography & the Environment
Oxford Internet Institute
Oxford Martin School
Politics & IR
Refugee Studies Centre
Rothermere American Institute
Said: Corporate Relations
Said: OBA
Smith School
Social Policy & Intervention
UODO: Annual Fund
UODO: Bodleian Libraries
UODO: Campaign Communications
UODO: Campaign Executive
UODO: Campaign Relations
UODO: Corporate
UODO: Hong Kong
UODO: Humanities
UODO: International
UODO: Japan
UODO: Legacies
UODO: Medical Sciences
UODO: Museums & Collections
UODO: New York
UODO: Principal Gifts
UODO: Said
UODO: Social Sciences
UODO: Sport
UODO: Student Support
UODO: Trusts & Foundations
University Alumni Office
University Careers Service
University Events Office
University Publications & Web Office

College (L3)
All Souls College
Balliol College
Brasenose College
Campion Hall
Christ Church
Corpus Christi College
Exeter College
Green Templeton College
Harris Manchester College
Hertford College
Jesus College
Keble College
Kellogg College
Lady Margaret Hall
Linacre College
Lincoln College
Magdalen College
Mansfield College
Merton College
New College
Nuffield College
Oriel College
Pembroke College
Regent's Park College
Somerville College
St Anne's College
St Antony's College
St Benet's Hall
St Catherine's College
St Cross College
St Edmund Hall
St Hilda's College
St Hugh's College
St John's College
St Peter's College
St Stephen's House
The Queen's College
Trinity College
University College
Wadham College
Wolfson College
Worcester College
Wycliffe Hall

Secure Sites (L2)
Central University Secure
Balliol College Secure
Jesus College Secure
Keble College Secure
Kellogg College Secure
Lady Margaret Hall Secure
Magdalen College Secure
Mansfield College Secure
Merton College Secure
New College Secure
Oriel College Secure
Pembroke College Secure
Regent’s Park College Secure
Somerville College Secure
St Anne’s College Secure
St Benet’s Hall Secure
St Cross College Secure
St Edmund Hall Secure
St John’s College Secure
St Peter’s College Secure
St Stephen’s House Secure
Wadham College Secure
Wolfson College Secure

Strictly Anonymous Sites (L2)
Central University Strictly Anonymous
Balliol College Strictly Anonymous
Jesus College Strictly Anonymous
Keble College Strictly Anonymous
Kellogg College Strictly Anonymous
Lady Margaret Hall Strictly Anonymous
Magdalen College Strictly Anonymous
Mansfield College Strictly Anonymous
Merton College Strictly Anonymous
New College Strictly Anonymous
Oriel College Strictly Anonymous
Pembroke College Strictly Anonymous
Regent’s Park College Strictly Anonymous
Somerville College Strictly Anonymous
St Anne’s College Strictly Anonymous
St Benet’s Hall Strictly Anonymous
St Cross College Strictly Anonymous
St Edmund Hall Strictly Anonymous
St John’s College Strictly Anonymous
St Peter’s College Strictly Anonymous
St Stephen’s House Strictly Anonymous
Wadham College Strictly Anonymous
Wolfson College Strictly Anonymous

Revenue Transfer (L2)
Central University Transfer
All Souls College Transfer
All Souls College AFO Transfer
All Souls College HKO Transfer
Balliol College Transfer
Balliol College AFO Transfer
Balliol College HKO Transfer
Blackfriars Transfer
Blackfriars AFO Transfer
Blackfriars HKO Transfer
Brasenose College Transfer
Brasenose College AFO Transfer
Brasenose College HKO Transfer
Campion Hall Transfer
Campion Hall AFO Transfer
Campion Hall HKO Transfer
Christ Church Transfer
Christ Church AFO Transfer
Christ Church HKO Transfer
Corpus Christi College Transfer
Corpus Christi AFO College Transfer
Corpus Christi HKO College Transfer
Exeter College Transfer
Exeter College AFO Transfer
Exeter College HKO Transfer
Green Templeton College Transfer
Green Templeton College AFO Transfer
Green Templeton College HKO Transfer
Harris Manchester College Transfer
Harris Manchester College AFO Transfer
Harris Manchester College HKO Transfer
Hertford College Transfer
Hertford College AFO Transfer
Hertford College HKO Transfer
Jesus College Transfer
Jesus College AFO Transfer
Jesus College HKO Transfer
Keble College Transfer
Keble College AFO Transfer
Keble College HKO Transfer
Kellogg College Transfer
Kellogg College AFO Transfer
Kellogg College HKO Transfer
Lady Margaret Hall Transfer
Lady Margaret Hall AFO Transfer
Lady Margaret Hall HKO Transfer
Linacre College Transfer
Linacre College AFO Transfer
Linacre College HKO Transfer
Lincoln College Transfer
Lincoln College AFO Transfer
Lincoln College HKO Transfer
Magdalen College Transfer
Magdalen College AFO Transfer
Magdalen College HKO Transfer
Mansfield College Transfer
Mansfield College AFO Transfer
Mansfield College HKO Transfer
Merton College Transfer
Merton College AFO Transfer
Merton College HKO Transfer
New College Transfer
New College AFO Transfer
New College HKO Transfer
Nuffield College Transfer
Nuffield College AFO Transfer
Nuffield College HKO Transfer
Oriel College Transfer
Oriel College AFO Transfer
Oriel College HKO Transfer
Pembroke College Transfer
Pembroke College AFO Transfer
Pembroke College HKO Transfer
Regent's Park College Transfer
Regent's Park College AFO Transfer
Regent's Park College HKO Transfer
Somerville College Transfer
Somerville College AFO Transfer
Somerville College HKO Transfer
St Anne's College Transfer
St Anne's College AFO Transfer
St Anne's College HKO Transfer
St Antony's College Transfer
St Antony's College AFO Transfer
St Antony's College HKO Transfer
St Benet's Hall Transfer
St Benet's Hall AFO Transfer
St Benet's Hall HKO Transfer
St Catherine's College Transfer
St Catherine's College AFO Transfer
St Catherine's College HKO Transfer
St Cross College Transfer
St Cross College AFO Transfer
St Cross College HKO Transfer
St Edmund Hall Transfer
St Edmund Hall AFO Transfer
St Edmund Hall HKO Transfer
St Hilda's College Transfer
St Hilda's College AFO Transfer
St Hilda's College HKO Transfer
St Hugh's College Transfer
St Hugh's College AFO Transfer
St Hugh's College HKO Transfer
St John's College Transfer
St John's College AFO Transfer
St John's College HKO Transfer
St Peter's College Transfer
St Peter's College AFO Transfer
St Peter's College HKO Transfer
St Stephen's House Transfer
St Stephen's House AFO Transfer
St Stephen's House HKO Transfer
The Queen's College Transfer
The Queen's College AFO Transfer
The Queen's College HKO Transfer
Trinity College Transfer
Trinity College AFO Transfer
Trinity College HKO Transfer
University College Transfer
University College AFO Transfer
University College HKO Transfer
Wadham College Transfer
Wadham College AFO Transfer
Wadham College HKO Transfer
Wolfson College Transfer
Wolfson College AFO Transfer
Wolfson College HKO Transfer
Worcester College Transfer
Worcester College AFO Transfer
Worcester College HKO Transfer
Wycliffe Hall Transfer
Wycliffe Hall AFO Transfer
Wycliffe Hall HKO Transfer
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