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This article will be updated on a regular basis. Updates may be required in response to updates to DARS or changes to business processes or errors.

Refer to DARSWiki Conventions for information on icons and other conventions that may apply to this User Guide.

Ensure you are familiar with the Data Protection laws before adding data to records in DARS. Refer to DARSWiki FurtherHelp for further information and relevant links. Please think twice before printing this article. If a printed copy is necessary, ensure it is printed double-sided and always recycle old versions.


This article serves as a reference guide to the basic searching, viewing, navigation and recording of Constituent data on DARS. In this article you will learn the various tasks and functions associated with creating and editing constituent name and contact details; education details; interests and involvements; communications; attributes; interactions; documentation notes, media links and attachments, carrying out relevant searches, as well as any relevant business processes.

You will require the Constituent Manager and Process Manager roles in order to access and use the functionality described in this article. If you are unsure of your role and access rights to the DARS system, please contact the DARS Helpdesk.

ImportantInfo.jpg Note: Depending on your access role, you may not have the ability to perform all of the tasks described in this manual, see Security for further information.

This training user guide is split into the sequential sections listed below. To jump straight to a particular section, please click on the section headings below.

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