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Articles are updated on on a regular basis. Updates may be required in response to updates to DARS or changes to business processes or errors.

Refer to DARSWiki Conventions for information on icons and other conventions that are used in these articles.

Ensure you are familiar with the Data Protection laws before adding data to records in DARS. Refer to DARSWiki FurtherHelp for further information and relevant links.

Please think twice before printing this article. If a printed copy is necessary, ensure it is printed double-sided and always recycle old versions.

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This article serves as a user guide to the CRM Mobile functionality of DARS. It outlines process information and step instructions for accessing and managing DARS constituent and prospect data from your mobile device (whether iPhone, Android or Windows).

You will require the Fundraiser role in order to access and use the functionality described in this article. If you are unsure of your role and access rights to the DARS system, please contact the DARS Support Centre (see DARSWiki FurtherHelp for contact details).

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Accessing DARS on Mobile Devices

The DARS Mobile features are available to mobile WebKit browsers, such as Safari on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as the Android, Chrome and Mobile Firefox Browsers on Android devices, it is also available on BlackBerry devices.

As with any other DARS access on a smart device, you will first-of-all require a VPN connection in order to enter the collegiate University network. Details of the University’s VPN Service, and how to configure this on your device, are available here: http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/network/vpn/index http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/network/vpn/index

Please note the following strict rules in relation to usage of VPN for DARS, which help to protect both the security of the System and its users:

  • You must not access DARS on any smart device without prior approval from your Director of Development or equivalent. Notify this individual if you (would like to) have VPN installed on your smart device, and subsequently if you no longer require this access at any stage (n.b. UODO staff should contact Christine Jeffery).
  • The smart device must have at least a 6-digit PIN code enabled for security reasons. If it is possible to have both a PIN code and password on your device, then this should be enabled. Your VPN, DARS and smart device password/PIN code details must all be unique.
  • You must never download files from DARS to your smart device.
  • You must never access DARS on a smart device which does not have a ‘remote wipe’ facility installed. Central University iPad and iPhones have such software: the app is called ‘Lost iPhone’. Blackberries also have a remote wipe facility. You are required to check with your participant’s IT group that a remote wipe facility does exist on your smart device.
  • Be prudent when connecting to WiFi networks outside the University of Oxford; ensure you know who it belongs to.
  • Agency staff and contractors must not access DARS on smart devices.
  • You are also reminded to take care when accessing sensitive information on-screen in public areas, such as on trains, where someone seated next to you can view your screen.

Some improvements are required to the KPIs area of Mobilize, which should follow in 2015.

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DARS Mobilize

With Blackbaud CRM Mobile, you can extend the reach of DARS CRM features and capabilities to a mobile environment. From a mobile device, you can search for and update constituent records, check KPIs for up-to-the-minute numbers, view prospect information and file contact reports all while on the go, and view and edit (some) event and registrant details. In addition you can view a list of published queries and browse results.

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  1. To access DARS CRM Mobile features from your mobile device, go to [insert location link] start page.
  2. UsefulInfo.jpg

    Note: If your device isn’t recognized or if you access the Mobilize page from a personal computer, a list of URLs for the available mobile features displays.

  3. Click Mobilize. Your login credentials are your user name and password for DARS.
  4. UsefulInfo.jpg

    Tip: For more efficient access, bookmark this URL on your mobile device.

  5. When your web browser is accessed and recognized from a mobile device, the available mobile services are displayed.
  6. On the Available services screen, click on the relevant link to access constituents, prospects, queries and KPIs.
  7. You will be prompted for a user name and password for each feature.
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Recently Accessed and Favourites

In the constituents and event areas, you can view a list of recently accessed records as well as records marked as favourite. Any recently accessed record added through DARS CRM Mobile or DARS CRM displays in the Recently Accessed list.

To select a record as favourite, tap the star next to the name. When you add a favorite in DARS CRM Mobile, it displays as a shortcut in DARS CRM (and visa versa).

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Constituents on Mobile

"Screenshot of Constituent's screen on a mobile device"

With the Constituents feature, you can search for, view, and edit constituent records from your mobile device.

Navigation at the top of the screen allows you to move forward or back in the application.

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Constituent Search

You can search by constituent name or lookup ID, city, county, and postcode information.

  1. Tap on Constituent Search.
  2. Enter any or all of Name (can be surname or firstname and surname e.g. Sam Smith), City, County or Postcode.
  3. Tap Search.
  4. The search results display in a simple list, with the name and address or Oxford ID.
  5. Scroll through the list using standard device functionality.
  6. To view further details of a constituent, tap on their name.
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Constituent Records on Mobile

"Screenshot of Constituent's record on a mobile device"

Using your mobile device you can:

  • View the constituent’s contact details.
  • Ring them directly from the record by clicking on their phone number link.
  • Click their address link to see the location on Google maps.
  • View, add, edit or delete documentation, interactions and attributes on the constituent record.
  • View the constituents relationships and navigate to linked individuals constituent records.
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With this feature, you can search for and view prospects, plans, and steps; edit information such as prospect status and pending steps; and file contact reports from your mobile device.

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Prospect Search

You can search by prospect name or lookup ID, city, county, and postcode information. Refer to Constituent Search for further details, if required.

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Prospect Records on Mobile

"Screenshot of Prospect record on a mobile device"

Using your mobile device you can:

  • View the prospect’s contact details, pinpoint their location using Google maps and ring them directly from the record.
  • View existing prospect plans.
  • Edit or delete steps, or mark them complete.
  • Add, edit or delete opportunities.
  • View any existing solicitor and participant details.
  • View or add funding interests.
  • View wealth and ratings details.
  • View their constituent record (see Constituents on Mobile for further details)
  • File contact reports.
  • Edit prospect status
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Query Lists

"Screenshot of a Query list on a mobile device"

The Lists feature allows you to view queries which have been marked Make this query available in Mobile Query* on the Options tab of the query properties screen in DARS. Once marked as such, any query you have rights to access in DARS is available from your mobile device.


* The Mobilize query functionality works best if there are only a few queries displaying, so Make this query available in Mobile Query should only be ticked if access is required from a mobile device.

Using your mobile device you can browse and view results of all ‘mobilized’ ad-hoc or smart queries you have rights to access. You can refine browsing by category, folder or record type

From the results list you can navigate to any listed constituent’s record, that you have access rights to.

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KPI Lists

This feature allows you to view a list of KPIs and their values. Any KPI you have rights to access in DARS CRM is available from your mobile device.

The KPI list is a simple list of all campaigns and current KPI data.

Refer to the Fundamentals 2 manual for further information on setting-up and managing KPIs.

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This feature allows you to search for and view details of an event. From the event record you can view and registrations, and edit registrant attendance. You can also view, add and edit documentation for the event.

Event Search

You can search by event name, location, include inactive or main events only, site, room/unit or lookup ID. Refer to Constituent Search for further details, if required.

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Event Records on Mobile

"Screenshot of Event record on a mobile device"

Using your mobile device you can view details of an event including:

  • Date of event
  • Event expenses information including budget, actual, paid and the percentage.
  • Event capacity and numbers that will/will not attend and the percentage.

In addition, you can view, add and edit documentation and registration information.

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Registrations and Registrants

  • Tap on the Registrations link to view a list of registrants.
  • To edit a registrant's attendance and/or to view their constituent record, tap on their name.
  • To edit attendance, tap the required option on the Registrant screen and tap OK to confirm.
  • To view a registrant's constituent record, tap on the Constituent link. Refer to Constituent Records on Mobile for further details if required.
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