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Welcome to our DARS User Guides section! Here you will find our comprehensive DARS User Guides that will provide you with full documentation and support in each of the functional areas of DARS.

These pages are fully searchable and include text, images and videos that will demonstrate how to perform a range of tasks and duties in the system.

The following two articles will assist you when using DARSWiki User Guides:

DARSWiki Further Help - provides further information and links to information on Data Protection laws.

DARSWiki Conventions - provides information on the icons and other conventions which apply throughout the DARSWiki user guides.

User Guides Supporting DARS BAU Training Courses

DARS001 Fundamentals 1

DARS002 Fundamentals 2

DARS003 Events Management

DARS004 Fundraising

DARS005 Revenue Administration

DARS006 Marketing and Communications

DARS008 Internet Solutions Essential

DARS009 Internet Solutions Advanced

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